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New And Refurbished Servers, Pros and Cons

New Server Pros

Let’s start with the obvious: brand new servers are just that, brand new. They have all the bells and whistles. New machines will offer your company the latest software, the newest hardware, great warranties, and so on. However, with all of the newest equipment comes a hefty price.

New Server Cons

The major negative aspect of purchasing a new server is the price. Buying a new computer for your company can set you back upwards of thousands of dollars. Most companies just aren’t willing to spend so much money on an IT component, especially start-ups and small businesses.

Refurbished Server Pros

Refurbished systems offer everything a new unit offers. They perform just as well as new ones, they offer anywhere from a 30 day to a lifetime warranty, and they are typically available with technical support. Along with this, and most importantly, a refurbished server is much less expensive than a brand new one, often over fifty percent off the original price tag. That’s a lot of savings.

Refurbished Server Cons

The main downside to purchasing a refurbished server is that it may not come with the latest technology that a new machine most likely comes with. This is simply because a refurbished computer will be, undoubtedly, older. If you want only the newest technology for your company, you will most likely have to consider purchasing a new one.

Refurbished Server Pros

Along with the performing just like a new computer at half the cost, a refurbished computer is incredibly environmentally friendly. Choosing to purchase a refurbished computer system over a new computer system helps keep an old unit, or device, out of a landfill. Along with this, most vendors will offer to take care of the disposal of the machine you’re replacing (if you are replacing one). These vendors will then refurbish your old server, and resell it. Even if vendors do not refurbish your old one, they will at least be able to dispose of it in an environmentally safe way that meets all of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) compliance standards.

What about Used Servers?

Purchasing a used server will, no doubt, be just as inexpensive as purchasing a refurbished one. However, a refurbished one is much more reliable than a used server. Refurbished machines undergo diagnostic tests to ensure each part is in working condition, any and all broken parts are replaced, and parts that may be near their breaking point will typically be covered with a warranty of sometime (usually a lifetime warranty). Overall, a refurbished server will be in much better condition than a used server.