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The Different Types of Electrical Switches

Switch a straightforward English word intending to change the position. Electronic Switches have turned into an essential need of an individual. Each home machine or electronic gadget is controlled by a switch like squeezing the Power catch on the TV or a mobile phone to turn it ON, turning ON the tablet requires to press the catch on the switchboard and so forth. Switches chips away at the standard of changing the position from ON to OFF or the other way around. ON is the phase where the gadget begins working though OFF is that phase where the gadget quits working. Operation of the switches stays same everywhere throughout the world.

Electrical Switches are of different types made for specific purposes:

1. Toggle Switches

It is mostly found in the lab instruments. Mechanical motion of a lever changes the state i.e. ON or OFF. The toggle switch is divided into various types like a standard toggle switch, flat, locking lever, cone and large bat toggle switch.

2. Rocker Switches

It can be found at the back of our computer CPU. The rocker switch is an ON-OFF state switch pressing the switch from one side pushes the other side to come up. A line and a small circle is drawn on the two sides to indicate ON and OFF position.

3. Slide Switches

The sliding mechanism is the working principle behind this. Actuator slides from one end to another i.e. from ON state to OFF state or vice-versa.

4. Push Button Switches

This is very common in household electronics like TV, Washing Machine, Water Purifier etc. Its working is same as its name, pushing the button turns the appliance ON and pushing the button again turns the appliance OFF.

5. Rotary Switches

Rotary switches have intermediate state between ON and OFF. Rotary switches are useful where controlling is required for example High- Medium- Low. In a Car, AC panel has a rotary switch to control the speed of the blower.

6. Key Lock switches

Key lock is similiar to any mechanical lock the only difference is that it doesn’t lock the device.

Key plays a major role in the operation of these switches, it helps in switching from ON to OFF or OFF to ON. This switch is used in high security area where only one person is allowed to operate a device.

7. DIP switches

Dual Inline parallel or DIP switch are of various types. DIP switch gives us an advantage over any other switches, we can select one from which we want our output and turn off that switch from which we don’t want output. Main application area of these is in electronic circuits.

8. Reed switches

It is a special type of switch in which no human touch is required. Reed Switch uses magnetic fields for its operation. A Glass chamber filled with inert gas or vacuum in which two ferromagnetic blades are placed inside. When this switch comes in contact with the magnetic field ferromagnetic blades got energized and make a contact with each other.