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Tips to Troubleshoot RAM Failures

  • Does your computer crashes or freezes frequently with blue screen.
  • Operating system crashes as soon as you start a new program.
  • Freeze or Crash without any error messages
  • Operating system fails to start with different error messages.

If you have met with similar issues describes problem with your computer memory might require some troubleshooting. Learn how to fix it by practicing the tips below.

Switch on your laptop and insert the CD or Floppy (if accessible) that has memtest86 burned on it. Start the test and allow it to run for several hours. If you are not aware of how to start the CD Boot process, check below.

Download and burn the memtest86 on to a CD Drive or Floppy Drive. Use the CD or Floppy while starting your laptop by inserting in CD Drive or Floppy Drive.

Click F12, F11, and F8 Key suddenly after starting your laptop and Choose BOOT Option. Fill up the password field if asked for. If the memtest86 finds error try resetting any one of the RAM Chips and start the test again.

There are two ram slots at the bottom or may be one at bottom and other below keyboard. Very few old models have one ram slot. If you are not clear on how to reset the RAM Please follow instructions given below.

First remove the external power source and battery from laptop.

Unscrew the laptop from the below on all sides. Open the panel with great care in order to prevent breakage. If you have two ram slots on the bottom, just release the clips on the slots which holding the RAM. The RAM will pop out from the slot. Hold it gently along the sides of them. Just wipe it with silk/wool cloth. Reinsert it the RAM back in its location properly. If one is at bottom and other is behind keyboard, try resetting both RAM Slots also by opening the keyboard slot as well. After resting the slots, put the screw back into the lids by covering it with panel. Try to run the memtest86 again. This will fix if any Memory issue persist.

If problem continue to persist like restarting itself or freezing suddenly during the memtest86 is in progress it may be due to overheating issue or other hardware trouble.

Follow the simple guidelines given to troubleshoot any kind of RAM/ Memory issue with memtest86. This is how you can fix your laptop repairs yourself.